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Stainless Steel Furnace, Horizontal and Vertical Bright Annealing Furnaces

CMI Thermline provides process line equipment for the heat treatment of Bright Annealing stainless steel strip. The configuration could be either horizontal or vertical.

Our furnace for bright annealing can process cold rolled stainless strip (AISI 300 and 400 type) within a range of 500mm to 1350 width and strip thickness from 0.15 mm to at least 1.6mm.

We provide also solution for very thin strip with horizontal arrangement.

  • The annealing temperature vary from 820°C to 1200°C.
  • The furnace is operated under an atmosphere gas up to 100% to avoid any risk of oxidation on the surface.
  • The furnace can be heated per gas fired solution, electrical heating or induction coil solutions or a combination of those heating.
  • The cooling solution avoid the use of stabilizing roll and so avoid the risk of strip damage with the use of our patented Blowstab® solution.
  • For bright annealing purpose, the arrangement could be either Muffle Tube Type or High Purity Insulation Type
  • Heating section :
    • muffle tube heating with regenerative burners to reduce energy operational cost and achieve low NOx emissions,
    • or combination of muffle tube and induction coil heating and muffle tube heating,
    • flexibility of the furnace is achieved by the use of fiber lining, control of process parameter with mathematical model.
    • self stabilizing Blowstab® plenum to avoid strip fluttering and achieve good cooling efficiency,
    • 75% to 100% hydrogen atmosphere
  • Different design according the product mix (horizontal vs vertical)
  • Quality of the strip (heating and cooling homogeneity), choice of insulation
  • Flexibility of the process
  • Low consumption


Client Industries



  • Haynes International
  • Thyssen Krupp
  • Stahl Werke Ergste Westig
  • J&L Specialty Steel
  • Arcelor Imphy
  • Rahns Specialty Steel
  • Poogsan corporation
  • Nisshin Steel
  • Brush Wellman
  • Texas Instrument
  • Westinghouse
  • Allegheny (ATI)