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CMI Services

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CMI Services provides its customers with the assembly, operational management, modernization and maintenance of their industrial facilities. It carries out scheduled or unscheduled specialized interventions, and local services to improve the technical, economic and environmental performance of their equipment.

The CMI Services offering ranges from simple repair of components to the complete overhaul of facilities, and also includes maintenance, specific engineering and expertise. With its scheduled interventions, CMI Services assumes the full management of a project, from preparatory studies to implementation by specialized staff.

CMI Services is made up of a network of local intervention units, workshops and technology centers. It has permanent installations in Belgium, Brazil, France, and Luxembourg and an occasional presence in North Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Thanks to an ever-wider and ever-more-technological portfolio, CMI Services caters to a large number of industries: conventional, renewable and nuclear power generation, the steel industry, petrochemicals, rail, cement works, mines and quarries, etc.

CMI Services also designs and supplies new equipment in its areas of specialization (industrial steam generation boilers, shunting locomotives, etc.) as well as customized parts, components or subassemblies (gears and gearboxes, butterfly valves, spare parts for Cockerill Diesel engines, etc.).

CMI Services is a valued partner for the complementary nature of its expertise in engineering, implementation and project management.

Equipment, component parts and subassemblies

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