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CMI Defence Cockerill Weapon Systems & Solutions
CMI Defence Cockerill Weapon Systems & Solutions
CMI Defence Cockerill Weapon Systems & Solutions


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CMI Defence

The authority on weapon systems integrated on highly mobile armoured vehicles

CMI Defence is the undisputed technological leader in multifunctional, high-power weapon systems for light and medium weight armoured vehicles. Independent from any and all vehicle manufacturer, CMI Defence is known for the technical and operational excellence of its equipment, but also for its capacity to provide integrated solutions that make it a reliable partner of modern armed forces.

CMI Defence relies on its cutting edge expertise in software, ballistics and mechatronic engineering to design and integrate gun-turret systems for the entire 20 mm to 120 mm calibre range. Embodying the essence of the Cockerill brand – great fire power for a light weight system – this equipment packs performance superior to that of equivalent systems on the market while ensuring the mobility and protection of the crews. The electronic architecture of the systems gives them unrivalled modularity so that customers can upgrade them easily, rapidly and at moderate cost.

CMI Defence also provides its customers with technical and tactical assistance to optimize their integrated logistics, plus advice and support throughout the lifecycle of their equipment: training, maintenance, onsite and remote technical assistance, modernization, documentation, spare parts, tools, etc. The missiles and the PC-Based or embedded simulation systems are two recent examples of the capacity of CMI Defence to develop specific products in order to improve equipment use and operational efficiency.

Always at the cutting edge of innovation, offering constantly greater value, CMI Defence anticipates the growing versatility requirement to help improve the operational response, flexibility and efficiency of modern highly mobile armed forces.

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