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The purpose of the L-TOP® (Line Thermal Optimization Process) for vertical furnaces is to respect the metallurgical thermal cycle of the products in order to obtain the strip desired hardness at the end of the line while maximizing the production, minimizing heat buckles and mistracking.

The L-TOP® mathematical model will perform the following tasks:

  • Weld tracking
  • Calculate the power set-points for the tubes in each active zone of the heating section (Radiant Tube Furnace) during the steady and transient situations
  • Calculate the RT temperature set-points in each active zone of the soaking section (Soaking Furnace) during the steady and transient situations
  • JET cooling: calculate the requested blowing flow and send to level 1 a set point value to adjust the fan speeds
  • Manage the line speed according to the customer constraints, while maximizing the line speed

Example of 3 hours and 20 minutes of operation:


  • Homogeneity and repeatability of control
  • Improvement of the metallurgical quality of the products in stable and transient modes, not only for conventional annealing but also for other cycles when applicable which are treated with more stringent temperature tolerances
  • Maximization of the production by applying an optimum management regarding the Non-oxidation and the radiant tubes furnaces
  • Optimization of the the specific consumption by maximizing the Radiant tube furnace capacity
  • All heating and cooling chambers under the L-TOP control. By consequence operators can focus on other tasks, especially the strip quality and trouble which may occurs
  • Minimization of heat buckle risks


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