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Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie

CMI Industry
CMI Industry
CMI Industry


Steam Generators for Power Plants


Weapon Systems for armoured vehicles


Service to project and technologies for process industries


Specialized services and components to industries

CMI Industry

Engineering in the service of industrial competitiveness

As an expert in industrial processes, CMI Industry designs, integrates, supplies and upgrades industrial equipment in the mechanical, thermal, chemical, biological and energy efficiency fields.

CMI Industry supplies steelmakers with cold rolling mill complexes and all their related equipment. Designed by CMI, these facilities boast state-of-the-art technologies for the production of increasingly more sophisticated flat carbon steel. Some of these technologies are also available in equipment for processing other products such as stainless steel, electrical steel or long products.

For other process industries, CMI Industry provides Service to Projects solutions, assuming full charge of the complete installation of their new production facilities including all technologies. CMI has in particular developed expertise in managing complex projects in emerging economies where it has established efficient local networks.

CMI Industry also provides industrialists with technological solutions for reducing their environmental footprint. Some of these solutions improve the functioning of this equipment to reduce energy consumption and polluting emissions. Others are used to recover waste heat or to treat or recycle polluting effluents and emissions. And yet others recover industrial waste, while improving productivity and the quality of finished products.

In all cases, CMI Industry provides tailored technological solutions to guarantee a rapid return on investment, further enhanced by related services such as the know-how transfer, expert services for training, commissioning, remote assistance and performance audits for the facilities.

To serve its customers in every corner of the globe, CMI Industry has technological centers and commercial and operational Business Units in Europe, North America, Latin America, China, India and Russia.

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