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Power, efficiency, flexibility

CMI Energy designs, supplies and installs steam generators for gas turbines of all capacities. These steam generators constitute a key element for the increased energy efficiency of electric power plants, whether they be combined cycle (gas and steam or integrated solar combined cycle), cogeneration or dedicated to industry. CMI heat recovery boilers (HRSG) are particularly suitable for cycling operation (frequent starts and stops of electric power plants depending on electricity demand) and can be installed behind turbines burning all types of fuels.

CMI Energy has drawn on its vast experience in steam generation to design boilers for thermo-solar power plants with tower. Installed on top of the tower, these boilers capture the energy reflected by mirrors on the ground and generate steam, which feeds a turbine to generate electricity.

The CMI Energy offering was recently expanded to include industrial boilers for sectors such as chemicals, petrochemicals, biomass, etc. In parallel, CMI Energy provides expertise, technical assistance, retrofitting and upgrading services for all types of boilers.

In all these fields, CMI Energy has imposed its know-how throughout the world for nearly two centuries. Its teams are based in Liège and Willebroek (Belgium) and Erie (Pennsylvania, USA). Its licensees, Wuxi, S&T and Larsen & Toubro, cover in particular China, South Korea, India and South-East Asia.

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