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CMI Energy

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CMI Energy designs, supplies and installs steam generators associated with gas turbines of all capacities. Its equipment generates steam for combined cycle (gas-steam or solar) and cogeneration power plants, and for process industries. CMI steam generators are a key element for the growing energy performance of electric power plants. In parallel, CMI Energy provides technical assistance and expertise along with the overhaul and modernization of boilers of all makes.

CMI Energy designs vertical and horizontal boilers with natural, forced or assisted circulation. These boilers are particularly adapted to operating in cycling mode (frequent starting and stopping in accordance with the demand for electricity), and can be installed behind turbines fi red by all types of fuels, including natural gas, light, heavy or crude oil. They can also be used in hybrid electric power stations, where a solar cycle is associated with a conventional combined cycle.

Thanks to its extensive experience in steam generators, CMI Energy has also developed steam generators for high capacity thermo-solar electric power stations (CSP). This equipment is adapted to “solar tower“ technology (which operates by reheating a fluid contained in the receiver installed on top of a tower upon which the sun’s rays are concentrated).

All CMI boilers perfectly meet current market requirements in terms of performance, power, yield and flexibility.

CMI Energy provides support and guidance for its customers throughout the world, both to install new capacities and to maintain existing units. Its teams are based in Liège (Belgium) and Erie (Pennsylvania, United States). They rely on a worldwide marketing network and cooperate with three licensees which essentially cover China, South Korea and India.

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