Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie

Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie

CMI Defence Cockerill LCTS 90MP
CMI Defence Cockerill CT-CV 105HP
CMI Defence Embedded Simulator


Steam Generators for Power Plants


Weapon Systems for armoured vehicles


Service to project and technologies for process industries


Specialized services and components to industries

CMI Defence

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New look for the Centre of Seraing

On Tuesday May 3rd, the City of Seraing, the Wallonia Region and CMI inaugurated the new look for the city centre, with its urban boulevard, the new , Place Kuborn, the new Neocitt...

CMI: An innovative summer harvest

The CMI Group won three major contracts this summer, each pertaining to products and services developed entirely by its technicians. The first pertains to the solar receiver of the...