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Acid Regeneration Plants

CMI Chemline designs processes for the regeneration of acids used in the pickling of carbon steel, silicon steel and stainless steel and in the leaching process of minerals. CMI Chemline Acid Regeneration Technology applies to Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) and to mixed acid (Hydrofluoric Acid – HF – and Nitric Acid – HNO3).

CMI Acid Regeneration Plants (ARPs) are equipped with a highly automated control system. This minimizes field intervention by the operator and enables safe and reliable daily operation from a single control room. Thanks to their modularity, CMI ARPs always fit to the customer’s specific process requirements and applications, with acid recovery rates of virtually 100%.

CMI’s Acid Regeneration Units guarantee ease of maintenance and reliable operation. They offer the best return on investment and considerably reduce the ecological footprint of industrial production tools.

Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) regeneration in Carbon Steel Pickling

CMI Chemline solutions to regenerate Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) used in the pickling of carbon steel (including silicon steel) are based on both existing pyrohydrolysis processes: fluidized bed and spray roaster technology. The choice between these two processes is always made to best suit the customers specific site conditions.

Mixed acid regeneration (TOMAREG®) in Stainless Steel Pickling

On the stainless steel pickling market, CMI Chemline proposes TOMAREG®, its dual purpose regeneration solution. CMI TOMAREG® solution recovers on the one hand the expensive mixed acids used for the stainless steel pickling (Hydrofluoric Acid – HF – and Nitric Acid – HNO3) for reuse in the pickling line, and on the other hand the valuable metals contained in the waste stream. TOMAREG® can produce oxide either in the form of a fine powder or coarse particles, as the plant can be delivered optionally with spray roaster or fluidized bed technology.

Compared to conventional neutralisation plants, TOMAREG® reduces annual costs by 70% and  hazardous waste discharged to the environment by more than 98%.

  • Quick-change spray nozzles
  • Highly automated control system
  • Adjustable acid concentration of regenerated acid
  • Counter-current circulation system
  • Negative pressure regulating exhaust fan
  • High efficiency combustion systems
  • High efficiency fume treatment
  • Oxide dust and trace component free (FB-ARP)
  • Shielded high pressure lines
  • Stand-by system for essential equipment
  • Adaptable to all types of pickling lines
  • Total regeneration of Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)
  • Short payback time
  • Minimized field intervention by the operator
  • Safe and reliable daily operation from a single control room
  • Low maintenance costs (annual costs reduced by 70%)
  • Recovery of costs by sale of oxide as high quality by-product
  • Highest achievable production rates
  • Optimized pickling due to constant operating parameters
  • Independence from chemical suppliers
  • Proven design
  • TOMAREG®: highly flexible operation of the pickling line, due to the adjustable acid concentration of the regenerated acid
  • Environmental protection due to recovery of hazardous chemicals
  • Virtually emission-free operation
  • Meets present and future legal emissions requirements
  • TOMAREG® reduces discharged hazardous waste by more than 98%


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