Effluents reuse

Waste treatment solutions and recycling, AIR STRIPPING

Ridding a liquid of its pollutants is fine... Recycling them is better! For the environment and for operating costs.

Advantages of air stripping
- Pollutants that can be treated: H2S, NH3, CO2, VOCs, etc.
- High purifying efficiency (above 90%)
- A process that is controlled and adapted to multiple applications
- A process that is insensitive to fluctuations in the concentration of contaminants
- Design adapted to the site, complying with safety standards
- The most economical method for the treatment of ammonia pollution

How are pollutants recycled?

Our process, air stripping, requires reduced investment and operating costs compared to conventional solutions.

Example: RECOV'AMMONIATM solution, Ammonia waste recycling

Phase 1: Stripping
Extraction of the ammonia from a liquid solution by loading the gas phase with ammonia.

Phase 2: Absorption by acid scrubbing
Traps the gaseous ammonia in the form of ammonium salts (ammonium sulphate, phosphate or nitrate)

Phase 3: Recycling as ammonium salts

RESULT: agricultural fertilizers

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