Conditioning products

As experts in the preventive and curative treatment of industrial and commercial water, we offer a full range of treatment products and additives developed to protect and secure your systems against the risks of corrosion, scale, sludge or bacterial growth, such as legionella.

The use of our products is a comprehensive and effective solution for treating water and allows you to benefit from many advantages:

  • The life of your equipment/facilities is extended by reducing the risk of corrosion, scale or sludge,
  • The water cycle is optimized,
  • Optimal operation of your facilities, thereby reducing production costs,
  • Optimization of operating and maintenance costs,
  • A reduction in water and energy consumption.

Our descaling, sludge removal and disinfection products for circuits have been formulated and designed in compliance with regulations and the environment for the treatment of:

  • Boilers
  • Drinking water
  • Heating or cooling circuits
  • Cooling towers
  • Sanitary hot water

Industrial and municipal effluent: effective treatment solutions for the correction of nutrient deficiencies or application of flocculants/organic coagulants

We also offer custom formulations to meet your requirements or for more specific applications.

Our team of experts will help and advise you on the correct choice of treatment for your requirements, the commissioning of equipment and technical assistance as appropriate.

"Green" technology: Soloxym

Because our goal is to offer solutions and products that are always safer and "greener", we have developed an innovative technology to remove the need for chemical biocides: Soloxym technology. Based on the principle of electrolysis, our Soloxym technology requires only water, salt and electricity (bleach, bromine or any other organic products are no longer necessary). Besides the advantage of ensuring a higher level of user safety (no more storage or handling of dangerous products, its biocidal effectiveness is superior to other disinfectants, even with an alkaline pH. There are many applications: public swimming pools, drinking water, cooling towers, evaporative condensers etc.