Command control and monitoring optimisation

As a provider of advanced technological solutions, CMI has developed its own control and monitoring interface to better meet the ever-more-complex process needs of customers’ facilities. Our interfaces can easily be integrated in the various automation systems.

Example: Optimizing continuous heat treating furnace for tubes.

Customer issue

Inefficient furnace and pressure control difficulties.

Customer target
Reduce furnace's consumption and achieve uniform heating

Our Solution
Establish auto-recovery burners and implement an advanced optimizer to sequence burners with CMI’s “ONOFFSoft” control software

Consumption reduction of 32% (21GWh/yr) and Premium uniformity reached (± 5° C)
Furnace pressure control 
- ONOFFSoft significantly improved furnace pressure
- Better pressure regulation helped limit the entry of air and outlet of fumes through doors.

We often use numerical simulation at different stages in our projects:

  • Audit: to validate measurements and assess the impact of the proposed actions.
  • Draft project: to develop and optimize solution design.
  • Project : to validate design and expected performance.

Out tools are: Computational Fluid Dynamic (Ansys Fluent©), dynamic thermal simulation (Thermette©, Modray©), pinch analysis (CERES platform©), internally developed tools to model thermal processes.

Example: audit of defective furnace (right)

- Understand the furnace’s thermos-ventilation behavior.
- Identify malfunctions as compared to a reference furnace (left)
- Recommend actions.

Four de référence.png     Four dysfonctionnant.png