Cockerill® XC-8 105-120HP : Greater Capability Through Innovation

The Cockerill XC-8 weapon system is a low-weight concept-turret. The concept recognises divergent market requirement, specifically for the broad operational flexibility demanded by the medium-tank requirement. This turret can thus be equipped with one of two low-recoil force guns: the Cockerill® 105mm gun or the Cockerill® 120mm gun.

Powerful - Flexible - Effective

The Cockerill 105mm high pressure gun provides commanders with a wide choice of ammunition to suit the tactical situation; it fires all NATO-standard 105mm types. Elevating to +42° this weapon delivers exceptional engagement capability in complex terrain, an indirect-fire HE capability to 10km range. The Cockerill 120mm high pressure gun provides a strengthened anti-armour capability. This weapon fires all NATO-standard 120mm smoothbore ammunition.

Both guns are employed using a common high performance, digital, fully-stabilised, day/night weapon control system.

Turret weight is kept low through the use of a bustle-mounted autoloader, which permits a two-person crew.