Cockerill® CSE 90LP: The proven reference in 90 mm Weapon Systems

The Cockerill® CSE 90LP is a low-weight two-person turret featuring the proven Cockerill® 90 mm low pressure gun (of which some 2,500 units have been sold). The low weight of the Cockerill CSE 90LP turret permits it to be fitted to a wide range of wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles. A real high capability and advanced design soldier’s tool, the Cockerill® CSE 90LP is simple to use and ruggedly reliable in the field.

Light - Robust - Effective

The Cockerill® CSE 90LP turret offers highly effective direct organic fire-support by day and by night. These fires are accurately delivered around the clock using electrically-powered gun drives and a night/day digital fire control system.

The Cockerill® CSE90 LP gun-turret significantly increases the Unit Commander’s tactical options and autonomy of operation. Hard-hitting, rugged, yet easy to operate and maintain, the Cockerill® CSE 90LP is a real “soldier’s system”.