Cockerill® CPWS 25-30

The remotely-operated Cockerill® CPWS (Cockerill Protected Weapon Station) integrates proven advanced technologies with a range of medium calibre automatic guns of 25 and 30mm(atk m242 25mm ou m230lf 30 mm, Nexter m811, Oerlikon KBA,…). It provides stabilized, survivable, high lethality at low weight. The CPWS significantly increases the operational capability and flexibility of light, high-mobility armoured vehicles.

A vehicle crew man can fully serve and reload the weapon system from under armour. The Cockerill® CPWS typically has a total ammunition capacity of 150 medium-calibre rounds, depending on the type of weapon fitted. The Cockerill® CPWS is equipped with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and can  accept a range of additional sub-systems such as grenade launchers.

Fire Control

The Cockerill® CPWS is equipped with a high-performance stabilized day/night (thermal) sighting system for 24/7  operation. The sighting system provides the User with a panoramic 360° view, independent of turret  position. When used to engage a target, the gun automatically aligns with the sighting system and a  digital ballistic computer ensures very high hit probability when firing on the move.