CMI Services Energy

CMI Services Energy specialises in the design, manufacture, engineering, maintenance, compliance upgrading and repair of all types of boilers, from auxiliary boilers to the big boilers of power stations and industrial firms and their auxiliary equipment.

Its expertise includes the optimisation of boilers' energy performance, from full modelling through to the regulatory boiler installation compliance upgrades.

CMI Services Energy works on boilers of all types and powers, whatever the manufacturer and type of firing (frontal, tangential, in vault, through the hearth, etc.). We are available as constructors for Denapak and Denarad type industrial boilers and also for CMI boilers known as HRS that recover heat behind gas turbines (steam-gas turbine plant).

CMI Services Energy means:

  1. Two design offices covering engineering and thermal modelling, mechanics and fluid mechanics appraisals;
  2. A string of major turnkey project managers;
  3. A division of qualified, multidisciplined and highly mobile operations supervisors, including abroad;
  4. Well-equipped workshops;
  5. Certifications meeting the strictest of standards: ASME, VCA petrochemicals, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ISO 3834-2, PED, and also an EDF thermal certification and an Engie (traditional and nuclear boilers pursuant to ASME III / ASME XI) certification.

CMI Services Energy has been one of the historic trades of the CMI Group (4,700 persons), for 200 years. These teams regularly draw on the transversal skills of the Group's different entities to provide you with the solution that best fits your needs.

CMI Services Energy has three locations:

  • Seraing (Belgium), the headquarters with its design office, its project management teams, teams of welders and boiler assemblers, drawing on a specialised welding centre of expertise;
  • Willebroeck (Belgium) with a design office, project management team, qualified welders and assemblers, and specialised workshops (3,000 m²) ;
  • Guyancourt (France), a branch with a team dedicated to project management for the French market.

CMI Services Energy addresses industries active in the electrical or steam energy production, petrochemicals, steelmaking, chemicals, paper milling, incineration and the agri-food and biomass industries.