CMI Proserpol

CMI Proserpol specializes in turnkey design and construction, as well as the exploitation of water treatment plants.

Located near Paris, CMI Proserpol works on every continent. Since its foundation in 1975, a thousand companies have taken advantage of CMI Prosperol’s services, with unit station in all areas of industrial activities: metallurgy, surface treatment, food processing, chemicals, paper, energy etc. Its customers are SMEs, large industrial groups and public sector clients.

CMI Proserpol:

  • has a specialized team of engineers and technicians
  • has great experience in water treatment,
  • has skills in chemical engineering, process engineering, microbiology, hydraulics, etc.
  • is ISO-9001 certified.

Our expertise:

  • Industrial and urban waste water
  • Drinking Water
  • Process water (demineralized water)
  • Services (operation - maintenance, technical assistance)
  • Reagents transfer (e.g. Hydrofluoric acid)

CMI Proserpol joined the CMI Group in late 2011.

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