CMI Muon

CMI Muon specialises in project maintenance and management on nuclear sites. CMI Muon studies, calculates, manufactures, renovates or replaces equipment or pipe networks in nuclear or conventional plants. In maintenance, CMI Muon opens and closes nuclear vessels, maintains rotating machinery and provides comprehensive valve services. .

CMI Muon also provides innovative services for the treatment of nuclear waste and turnkey solutions for undertaking radioactive pollution  decontamination and strip-down & clearance operations. CMI Muon is specialises in the design and manufacture of radioactive waste storage and transportation solutions.

Located near Metz (France), CMI Muon targets French and European nuclear clients. It undertakes large-scale projects to increase the safety and lifetime of nuclear plants in France.

CMI Muon means:

  1. Management of the replacement or renovation of large components on nuclear sites (high pressure and low pressure exchangers, fire extinguishing systems, heaters, exchangers,...):
  2. The design and execution of radioactive waste storage and transportation containers;
  3. Teams of qualified and approved valve mechanics, reactor vessel openers, boilermakers and pipe fitters;
  4. The ability to provide innovative nuclear waste and decontamination management solutions
  5. Thirty or so engineers and project managers;

CMI Muon was set up in 2011. It has the required certifications for work in a nuclear environment:  ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, CEFRI E400 Certifications, EDF/UTO Qualifications and EN ISO 3834-2 Certification.