CMI Maintenance Est

CMI Maintenance Est supports industrial and public firms in the maintenance, revamping and modernisation of their facilities, combining the strength of an international group with the drive of an SME.

CMI Maintenance Est addresses its services to customers located anywhere in France and also abroad in 9 sectors:

  • Nuclear
  • Wind energy
  • Industry
  • Petrochemicals
  • Metals
  • Public contracts
  • Manufacturing
  • Repair
  • Design office

CMI Maintenance Est means:

  1. Over a quarter of a century's experience in industrial maintenance and over 70 years in boilermaking and thermal treatment;
  2. Qualified and specialised staff who work on site and in the workshop: mechanics, assemblers, steel, plastic and composite pipe fitters, qualified welders (using TIG/arc/semi-automatic/plastic procedures), electromechanics, surveyors, tapwork maintenance operators, etc.
  3. Over 13,400 m² of workshops fitted with lifting gear and a large machinery capability: presses, shears, drills, punches, saws, rectifiers, lathes, rollers, tube benders, milling machines, mortising machines, chamfering benches, cutting and welding equipment and a CITA thermal treatment furnace (800°c) with a capacity of 27m3

CMI Maintenance Est, whose registered office is near to Thionville (France), joined the CMI Group in 2004. It has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CEFRI and MASE, OHSAS 18001, UTO NT85-114 , EN 3834-2 certifications.

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