CMI Heat Recovery Systems (HRS) is a business unit of CMI Energy. Active in the energy business since 1818, CMI HRS is headquartered in Seraing (Belgium).

It specialises in the design, supply, assembly and commissioning of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) for combined cycle power plants, for cogeneration, integrated solar combined cycles and industrial applications. Over 600 CMI HRSGs are installed worldwide behind gas turbines of all brands and power ratings.

Its customers are turbine manufacturers, Engineering, Procurement & Construction companies (EPC), OEM companies. The customers may also be owners of a power generating facility or energy ministries.

The CMI HRS Aftermarket Department provides technical assistance related to solving HRSGs performance, as well as overhauls, cleaning or repairs. In addition, CMI HRS provides construction advises or services to assist customers during the construction and startup of its equipment.

CMI HRS, it is:

  • More than 200 highly-experienced professionals
  • Quality design and engineering
  • Skilled project management teams
  • Command of exports to demanding areas
  • Large aftermarket expertise
  • Over 600 CMI HRSGs constructed worldwide
  • More than 120,000 MW of installed capacity
  • A range of certifications : PED 97/23/EC Module H/H1 for CE mark, ISO9001 :2008, ISO14001 :2004, ASME S, ASME U1, ASME PP, National Board NB ET R.