CMI Europe Environnement

Specialized in air pollution control processes since 1993, CMI Europe Environnement designs and implements tailor-made solutions for treating corrosive, harmful and odorous gaseous waste using different technologies such as gas scrubbing, active carbon adsorption and biofiltration.

Located in Alsace, CMI Europe Environnement solves worldwide air and gas problems for all industries (aeronautics, automotive, fine and heavy chemicals, food processing, electroplating, etc.) and local authorities (wastewater treatment plants, waste sorting centres, composting centres, research laboratories, etc.).

CMI Europe Environnement has:

  • More than 20 years’ experience in tailor-made air treatment,
  • Recognized expertise in engineering, design and manufacture of air moving equipment (Europ-PlastTM corrosion-resistant plastic fans)
  • A combination of technologies able to meet the most complex issues,
  • An internal laboratory dedicated to both the study and optimization of processes and to the development of related technologies such as stripping or energy recovery, 
  • An efficient after-sales service capable of intervening on site for the maintenance of facilities, compliance or the supply of consumables and spare parts,
  • Two subsidiaries: CMI Environment Hungary (Ventacid) in Nagykanizsa (Hungary) and CMI Environment America (Amcec) in Lisle (Chicago, USA).

CMI Europe Environnement joined the CMI Group in late 2013.

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