CMI Environment America

CMI Environment America (Amcec), an engineering company based in Chicago, offers tailor-made solutions of solvents recovery units and control of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

CMI Environment America are experts in adsorption and desorption on activated carbon, allowing all industries to comply with their VOC emissions while regenerating their solvents for reuse in their processes.

CMI Environment America also integrates equipment for reducing energy consumption in some applications.

Its biggest customers are the printing, engraving, packaging, pharmaceutical, coating, lithium battery-manufacturing and petrochemical industries, plus many more.

With over 80 years of experience and millions of litres of solvents and VOCs recovered every year, CMI Environment America meets all the demands from single visits to turnkey solutions, via feasibility studies, reviews of technical systems, security auditing, general and detailed engineering, project management, sourcing, quality control, supervision of on-site installations, performance testing, operator training and After-sales service.

Recognized for its expertise, CMI Environment America has an international network of partners.

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