CMI Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy management, we at CMI Energy Efficiency see all possibilities: we have no preconceived ideas and no set limits.  Because of the demand of industrial players in all sectors, we explore every opportunity. Only through the synergies we create together can we find answers to the challenges we all face.

Our dedicated team is composed of heating engineers and energy specialists, CMI Energy Efficiency is in charge of energy management matters, developing and applying them to other facilities, other sectors, and other markets. The Group has made its commitment tangible by including this subject in its strategic roadmap on the one hand and in its climate and global actions on the other.

What is it all about? The experts felt that optimized management of energy efficiency could contribute up to 50% to the climate targets set both at European and global levels. The improvements come from three main economic sectors: construction, transportation, and industry.

It is precisely toward these that CMI Energy Efficiency directs its talents. It supports industries of various types worldwide to optimize the energy management of their facilities (existing or future), thus reducing their environmental footprints.

CMI Energy Efficiency’s intervention can range from simple expert advice at a turnkey project to full auditing, feasibility study, numerical simulation,  and financing solutions.