CMI Defence sas

CMI Defence, SAS is the French company for Cockerill® weapons systems. A member of the GICAT, ADIS, Club Défense Lorrain, Entreprendre en Lorraine Nord (ELN) and the Moselle Development network, CMI Defence, SAS designs and produces Cockerill® weapons systems.

It also designs and conducts client and partner training on these Cockerill® weapons equipment and systems. The range of theoretical and practical lessons—including those on Agueris® simulators and in real firing—is delivered in a modern training area (the Cockerill Campus of the CMI Group in Commercy, France) and within an area of instruction and improvement (EIP) in Champagne (France). These courses can also be deployed around the world, depending on customers’ needs.

CMI Defence, SAS also offers operational maintenance capabilities (MCO) for land military equipment: upgrading, obsolescence management and spare parts for turrets and armament; rehabilitation, modernization and treatment of surfaces for armored vehicles.

CMI Defence, SAS controls its activities from Distroff (Grand Est, France), where it has some 3,600 m2 of workshops.