CMI Balteau

CMI Balteau carries out the design and construction of pumping and treatment facilities for drinking and waste water for local authorities and industrial customers. CMI Balteau is also involved in the design of electromechanical equipment for dams and locks. The company also offers its expertise in leachate treatment and biogas from Landfill Technology centres.

Because of its expertise in processes, CMI Balteau develops the most suitable solutions for its public and private clients, integrating of the constraints of investment and operating costs.

CMI Balteau:

  • has over 35 years’ experience,
  • has design offices in electricity, mechanics and in hydraulics,
  • proposes global and turnkey solutions,
  • has extensive expertise in supervision and remote control systems for dispersed sites,
  • has workshops for pipe manufacturing and electrical power and control cabinets,
  • offers containerized facilities for drinking water production,
  • suggests equipment and processes with low power consumption for a sustainable industrial approach.
  • builds prefabricated skids

CMI Balteau is a certified and accredited company:

1. Certificates

  • VCA** since 16 July 2007
  • ISO 9001:2008 since August 17, 2009

2. Recognitions

  • Class 4, Subcategory L1 *
  • Class 5, Subcategories K1 - P1 - P3 - S1 - S2 *
  • Class 7, Class L, Sub-categories L2 - P2 *
  • Class 8, Class V *
    • Class 7, Sub-categories L2
    • Class 7, Subcategory P2
    • Class 5, Subcategory S2
    • Class 5, Subcategories P1 - P3 - S1 - K3
    • Class 5, Subcategory K1
    • Class 4, Subcategory L1

Balteau was founded in 1978 and joined the CMI Group in July 2014. The company is based in Sprimont (near Liège, Belgium).

CMI Balteau develops projects in Europe, Africa and Asia and can provide financing solutions for your project if necessary.

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