CMI Acte

CMI Acte designs and implements software solutions for the operation and maintenance of technical equipment and industrial facilities.

The know-how acquired by CMI Acte is drawn from a double expertise: equipment operational readiness and software solution development.

CMI Acte supports its customers to develop, implement, and run software solutions relating to technical assistance, logistics and operational activities essential to keeping industrial facilities and equipment running and the performance thereof:

  • Operational feedback management and follow-up of technical event records and maintenance event records
  • CAMM (Computer-Assisted Maintenance Management)
  • EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems)
  • Logistical database management
  • Traceability of maintenance works and processes
  • Computer communications between stakeholders involved in operation, including maintenance, of industrial facilities
  • Data analysis and optimization processes

CMI Acte operates in manufacturing, energy, and marine industries.

CMI Acte develops custom-made software applications and markets generic and specialized solutions.

Custom-made Applications

  • It covers notably:
  • Mobility applications on tablets for maintenance works execution. Such applications allow import/export from/to CAMM systems.
  • Intranet applications for operation and maintenance
  • Specific business software

Off-the-shelf Generic Applications

Navi’Maint is a software solution for the management of a fleet of ships. It is specifically designed for the operation and maintenance of vessels and fleet.

MA’Doc is a software solution for the electronic management of technical documents. It provides for the creation and management of document structures, and has numerous distribution, search, and  document management functionalities embedded.

Specific applications

Cat’M is a software solution for the management of technical data and maintenance plan. It is specially designed to build preventive maintenance plan for complex facilities.

Idrys is a software solution for the visualization and management of operational experience data.

It allows structuring operational experience feedback for technical and maintenance events. It includes search and visualization functionalities, and advanced data analyses.