Carrying out an audit by yourself

For ISO 50001 certification or simply to comply with the law, many manufacturers have chosen to carry out their own energy audits. This certainly results in savings, however…

For external inspectors (whether consulting firms, controlling bodies, or independent auditors), auditing is the core business. They can rely on repeat procedures. However it is seldom the case for an internal expert. Measuring, gathering data, analyzing, and modeling all must be integrated so that the individual can submit concrete, achievable action plans to the company.

With operational experience in auditing and the training of some 200 internal auditors, CMI has chosen to share its know-how.

The proactive, passionate team of experts at CMI Energy Efficiency has developed its own energy audit software: a diagnostic tool as innovative as the team that created it.

PERFENGOTM simplifies internal auditor tasks: optimizing data collection and organization, establishing customized action plans for savings, consumption modeling, research and identification of overconsumption sources,  setting of reference values, creating scenarios and follow-up, etc.

PERFENGOTM will soon be available for online purchasing. A way to facilitate, organize, and shorten energy audits—thus providing economy and progress at all levels.

      Is PERFENGOTM the tool you need?
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