Board of Directors

CMI’s Board of Directors comprises eleven members, including two executive directors and nine non-executive directors, chosen for their strategic, industrial, financial, social and commercial experience and their commitment to CMI. Without prejudice to its legal and statutory powers and those of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors is responsible, upon proposal from the Executive Committee, for:

  • Defining the Group’s strategic guidelines and its annual budget;
  • Ensuring the establishment of the appropriate structure and management needed to attain the objectives;
  • Making decisions on long-term financing transactions, acquisitions and divestments;
  • Monitoring the quality of day-to-day management and its compliance with the charted strategy;
  • Providing quality information to shareholders.

Board of Directors

Ebenis SA Represented by Bernard Serin, Director, Chairman 
Nicolas Serin Director, Vice-Chairman
Jean-Luc Maurange CEO
Yves Honhon Executive Director
Gérard Longuet Independent Director
ABNM Sprl Represented by Diego Aquilina, Independent Director
Poncelet MC2 Represented by Jean-Pol Poncelet, Independent Director
S2M Productions SPRL Represented by Maurice Semer, Independent Director 
Louis Smal Consulting SPRL Represented by Louis Smal, Independent Director
Path Consulting Represented by Paul Thonon, Independent Director

The Board of Directors meets at least four times a year. Critical issues may require additional meetings to be held. Where the net income appropriation policy is concerned, the Board of Directors intends to prioritise the financing of the Group’s strategic industrial development while ensuring a prudent distribution of dividends over an average business cycle.

To perform its missions, the Board of Directors is assisted by: