Efficient systems control for optimized production

In view of ever more complex process technologies, CMI has developed a flexible and application-oriented automation and technology control. In combination with modern hardware and software systems automation, CMI’s has built a multi-platform system, based on its comprehensive process knowledge and return of experience from its numerous, successfully running reference lines and equipment, in the domains of rolling mills, processing lines, chemical technologies and industrial furnaces.

  • Design and the supply of automation packages
  • Carrying out of studies
  • Creation and putting into service of software systems

Process models & control systems:

  • Mathematical models:
    • Thermal Process Optimization
    • Production Optimization (Material Tracking - Material Scheduling)
  • Multi-Platform Programmable Logistic Controller - PLC  (Level 1/ Level 2) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) Development and Upgrades:
    • Automation hardware migration
    • Safety upgrades
    • Redundancy upgrades
    • HMI upgrades
    • Drive systems upgrades

CMI Industry's value proposition

As a global partner with decades of experience and in depth-knowledge in the machinery and plant construction in steel and nonferrous metals processing, CMI Industry supplies « fit-to-purpose » engineered lines or equipment providing consistent product quality and increased production performance. (for more information: click here)

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