Agueris simulators: operational training solutions

CMI Defence simulation solutions are developed within Agueris. Agueris is a first rank player in training and simulation. It designs, develops, integrates, deploys and supports military simulation solutions for weapons systems and vehicles.

Agueris simulators are the ideal solutions to acquire the technical know-how allowing the management of the weapon system and vehicle in any context or situation and to develop the tactical know-how enabling units to react accurately while facing various operational contexts.

Generic or embedded simulators

Generic virtual simulators for gunnery training are based upon a virtual immersive cockpit to train the crew (commander, gunner) or the pilot. They are multi-system: one simulator can switch from one weapon system to another, ensuring training on multiple systems using a single simulator.

With Agueris operational embedded training solutions, the real vehicle or turret becomes the simulator : the simulation system connects to the real equipment in a garage, and the crew trains within its real environment using the real-world command and controls.

Beyond simulators, Agueris helps end-users leverage the power of simulation using teams dedicated to support, maintenance, and assistance.