Agueris military simulation for land forces

Agueris is the subsidiary of CMI Defence specializing in the design, development, integration, deployment and support of training and of simulation solutions for land forces.

The Agueris® simulators are sometimes virtual generics and sometimes embedded. Generic simulators rely on an immersive concept of a virtual cockpit. One of their strengths is to enable training on several systems from a single simulator.

Embedded operational training solutions convert the actual turret into a simulator: the turret is connected to the simulation server and the crew can train within its native environment using the commands of the actual system.

Agueris develops applications and partnerships both with the armed forces themselves and with manufacturers of weapon and armored vehicle systems.

Agueris was the first in the world to operationally deploy embedded simulation solutions. Today, it is already working on the solutions of the future: augmented reality, human behavior analysis, dynamic embedded simulation ...

The training courses of CMI Defence are specifically supported by Agueris® simulators.