Leading-edge technology in acid regeneration for all types of acid and all available technologies

Pour-acid-regeneration-schemas-p21-10_1.jpgAs a leader in this market segment, CMI offers a modular design that guarantees its customers the optimal solution for all their individual process requirements and applications, with acid recovery of virtually 100%.

Carbon steel and silicon steel applications

For carbon steel, including silicon steel, applications, CMI offers 2 types of pyrohydrolysis processes for its Acid Regeneration Plants (ARP):

  • Fluidised Bed Acid Regeneration Plant
  • Spray roaster Acid Regeneration Plant

All CMI’s Acid Regeneration Plants are equipped with a highly automated control system that minimizes field intervention by the operator and enables safe and reliable daily operation from a single control room.

With TOMAREG®, its Total Mixed Acid Regeneration Plant, CMI offers a system for pickling stainless steel that allows highly flexible operation of the pickling line, due to the adjustable acid concentration of the regenerated acid.  TOMAREG®  can produce oxide either in the form of a fine powder or coarse particles, as the plant can be delivered optionally with spray roaster or fluidised bed technology.

Compared to conventional neutralisation plants, TOMAREG® reduces annual costs by 70% and hazardous waste discharged to the environment by more than 98%.

Key benefits
Environmental protection due to recovery of hazardous chemicals
Virtually emission-free operation
Recovery of costs by sale of oxide as high quality by-product
Highest achievable production rates
Optimised pickling due to constant operating parameters
Independence from chemical suppliers
Short payback time
Present and future legal requirements on emissions are met
Low maintenance costs
Proven design
Adaptable to all types of Pickling Lines

CMI Industry's value proposition

As a global partner with decades of experience and in depth-knowledge in the machinery and plant construction in steel and nonferrous metals processing, CMI Industry supplies « fit-to-purpose » engineered lines or equipment providing consistent product quality and increased production performance. (for more information: click here)

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